Waterloo uv run to waste


We are sub-contracting on this job in Waterloo, Lower Hutt. More details can be found at:


The primary scope of the work is to design and construct a new collector main along Knights Road in Lower Hutt. The collector main will intercept each of the eight wells that supply aquifer water to the Waterloo treatment plant. Once installed, Wellington Water will be able to pass water from each well into the collector main and discharge this water to waste. 

Design and construction will include:

  • Run to Waste collector main welded, trenched, buried and reinstated.
  • Motorised 400mm dia butterfly valves with valve actuators
  • Electrical and controls wiring
  • Chambers for valves and actuators
  • Discharge structure into existing stream or culvert
  • Various small tee and branch sections.

Project start: September 2017

Estimated completion:  December 2017

Last Updated: 23/01/2018







Project Status: Complete