Harbour view road watermain renewal


This work involves:

Construction of 560m of 180 OD PE100 SDR11 water main, 350m of 63OD PE100 SDR11 rider main, manifold replacement and connection to 65 properties. Abandon approximately 550m of existing DN100mm cast iron water main and other assorted ancillary works in Harbour View Road, Northland, Wellington.

This project is a trial project where the information provided (site plan, connection details and information received from service authorities) is considered to be sufficient for the contractor to provide a price for the work.

Prior to commencing construction the contractor will arrange for mark out of all services on the site. The alignment will then be agreed during a site walkover with Wellington Water Operations and the Designer (Stantec). This will be followed by an on-site Safety in Design meeting Following agreement of the alignment the Designer will arrange for survey of services and proposed alignment and these will be issued on For Construction
drawings, along with any agreed updates to connection details. An updated Safety in Design Register will also be issued.



Project start: April 2018

Last Updated: 09/10/2018





Harbour View Road - 100%, updated 09/10/2018



Project Status: Complete