Hutt City Beach stormwater outlets

The scope of Works is generally described as:

Installation of four (supplied) duckbill check valves on various stormwater outlets on Hutt City beaches.

The valves will be installed at outlets numbers 17, 42, 44 and 101

Outlet 17 is buried by sand and dimensions have been obtained from GIS, therefore the outlet size will require confirmation before construction at this site commences.

A duckbill check valve is made from a fabric reinforced rubber “duckbill” sleeve and a stainless steel flange or clamps. The check valve allows material to flow through the valve in the downstream direction and then prevents it from entering the pipeline in the reverse direction

The construction of a concrete surround will conceal the valve and reduce the ability for someone to access and vandalise the valve

Clean the stormwater line outlet and remove debris prior to installation of valve

The concrete surrounds are bespoke cast‐in‐situ units and have been designed with consideration given to potential storm surges and tidal effects.

Reinforcing bars are used in the units to achieve sufficient capacity to sustain the loadings. Refer to Appendix C for the detailed design drawings.

The contractor is to provide the following reports:

Weekly updates to Wellington Water's Authorised Representative via email stating the work achieved in the past week and confirming the work to be achieved in the coming week as well as any issues or incidents of note.

The Works include the supply of all labour, plant and other materials and equipment necessary for the construction and commissioning of the proposed Works shown in the accompanying plans or documents or implied thereon. The principal is to supply the four duckbill valves. All works shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the plans and specifications unless alterations are agreed with the engineers.



Project start: August 2018

Last Updated: 09/10/2018



Beach Outlets - 100%, updated 09/10/2018




Project Status: Complete