BRENTWOOD STREET (Stage 2) wastewater renewal


The work was completed on Brentwood Street and Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt.


Client - Upper Hutt City Council

Value - $300,000

Reason for project

The public sewer serving properties from Brentwood Street and Ferguson Drive was old, showing signs of root infestation, flat grades and did not have an optimal alignment. The opportunity was taken to renew and realign this local drain through private property, as well as completing a significant 300 public main upgrade in Brentwood Street.


Work consisted of:

  • 47 metres 300 diameter uPVC SN16 pipeline laid by open trenching along Brentwood Street on existing alignment in the carriageway.
  • 81 metres 160 OD PE 100 SDR17 pipeline laid by pipe bursting on exisitng alignment within Brentwood Street and private properties.
  • 98 metres 150 diameter uPVC SN16 pipeline laid by open trenching on new alignment within private properties in Fergusson Drive.


Machinery used:

We used all our own plant and machinery in order to get the job done. This is included excavators (13T, 8T, 5.5T, 3.5T, 1.7T), trucks (2 x 5yd and 2 x 10yd), plate compactors (700kg, 400kg and foot whackers), pipe lasers, quick cut saws, tripod and harness, gas detectors, generators and small power tools as well as winch for bursting, compressor and pipe welding equipment.

Labour force

The CCL team included a Team leader, drainlayer, STMS and team of four skilled workers. 

Skills used:

The skills used in our team were: drainlaying, pipebursting, machine operation, protection of tress, shrubs and foliage, precise leveling, HDPE pipe welding, laying/bedding and backfilling pipes and reinstatement of mature gardens in private property.


Innovative ideas used:

Redesign of alignment in Private Property to avoid conflict with mature garden, paving and trees. Through our many years of experience we have modified our bursting equipment so that it can be removed without excavation. Thanks to our innovative approach, when we did have problems they were resolved without the need to dig everything up. Our ability to resolve design issues on site. By having a good partnering relationship with the consultants we felt trusted and were able to advise on several design matters.

Planning and control:

Was the job on time?

The job was on time, we even managed to finish a few days early.

Was the job within budget?

The final project cost was within the project budget.

Quality issues, any rework required:

All new pipelines passed their completiong tests. No rework was required for this project.


There were no significant variations to this project.

Human relations:

Health and safety issues, any accidents or near misses recorded: 

There were no Health and Safety Issues or any accidents or near misses.

Any Employee training given:

We identified some skills and training gaps that were addressed before and during the contract. Staff also used the experience gained during the contract towards achieving Industry Training Organisation qualifications. The whole team completed their Advanced Site Safety passport training during the contract period.

Any subcontractor issues:

We used our regular sub-contractors who we have been using for many years and had no issues.

Site Conditions

Weather conditions:

Weather conditions were mostly hot and dry.This helped us maintain a tidy and safe worksite, especially through private property.

Site access:

A working construction site in private property requires special skill and attention to detail in order to cause the least amount of disturbance to the residents and the environment. Particular care was taken in planning for the protection of private property, good 'housekeeping' and the continuation of sewage services during the contract period.

Ground conditions:

Ground conditions were silty clay with rounded boulders up to 700mm in diameter. 



Liquidated damages:

No liquidated damages applied to this contract.

Did you have to redesign the plans to make it work?

Yes, the designed alignment had major conflicts with an established garden, mature tress and paved areas. CCL's suggested alternative alignment was accepted by the engineer and client.


Customer satisfaction:

Value for money:

The contracted was completed within budget.

Quality job:

The job was completed on time, on budget, to the customers’ satisfaction with no accidents or rework. Yes a quality job by the CCL team!

Overall appearance:

The work was completed in a timely manner, and properties left better than when we arrived. The new asphalt, grassed lawns and landscaping looks great and the overall appearance is to a high standard.



A great project by a great team, as recognised by winning the Civil Contractors New Zealand, Wellington/Wairarapa branch 2016 Category A award for a contract between $0-$1million. Well done team!