crawford rd, mortimer tce, thames st sewer renewals

This work involves:

Crawford Road

  • Pipe bursting 125m of 160 OD PE100 SDR17 within private property between 12 Samoa Street and 11 Crawford Road

  • Slip lining 45m of 110 OD PE100 SDR17 within private property between 37 Henry Street and 4 Samoa Street

  • Underpinning of the North East side of dwelling at 7 Crawford Road to protect structure during pipe bursting

Mortimer Terrace

  • Pipe bursting 193m of 160 OD PE100 SDR17 within Mortimer Terrace roadway between 20 Mortimer Terrace and Epuni Street intersection.

  • Open trenching 26m of 160 OD PE100 SDR17 within the roadway between 2 Mortimer Terrace and 13 Mortimer Terrace

  • Undertake spot repairs as required to 122m of sewer pipe within the private property between 13 Mortimer Terrace and 36 Mortimer Terrace in preparation for future CIPP lining.

Thames Street

  • Pipe bursting 265m of 160 OD PE100 SDR17 including manholes within the roadway and public walkway from the intersection of Thames Street and Clyde Street and 131 Volga Street.

  • The replacement of 2No. manholes within the private property of 127 Melbourne Road for future CIPP lining.



Project start: 29 January 2018 (Mortimer Tce)
                     3 April 2018 (Crawford Rd)
                     13 April 2018 (Thames Street)

Estimated completion: 27 March 2018 (Mortimer Tce)
                                    June 2018 (Crawford Rd)
                                    June 2018 (Thames Street)

Last Updated: 19/06/2018



Crawford Road - 40%, updated 19/06/2018



Mortimer Terrace - 90%, updated 19/06/2018



Thames Street - 95%, updated 19/06/2018




Project Status: Green

Crawford Road - we are making steady progress on this job


Mortimer Terrace - we have nearly completed this portion of the job

Thames Street - we have almost completed this portion of the job